Constitution and Bylaws


Article I     Name:

Covington FFA Booster Club

Article II     Objectives:

  1. To support and promote the FFA organization, FFA activities, and agricultural education on local and higher levels.
  2. To maintain the local Covington Show by supervising the operation of the show and auction.
  3. To raise money in order to assist FFA booster club members in the selling of their projects at the county show.
  4. To provide scholarships for graduating senior booster club members to assist them in their future goals.
  5. This organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and or scientific purposes under section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article III     Membership:

  1. Membership shall be open to any parent or family member of past or present FFA members.  Youth members must be in 3rd grade or above.
  2. Businesses or outside individuals may also be members in the club.
  3. At the first meeting of the year, the members in attendance are allowed to vote upon paying the one dollar a year for dues.
  4. Members, or at least one representative for the member, are required to attend at least 3 meeting per year to maintain an active membership status.

Article IV     Officers:

  1. The elected officers shall serve a term of one year.
  2. The elected officers shall constitute the executive board of directors. It shall be the duty of this board to advise and make recommendations to the general membership with respect to the activities and business of the organization.
  3. Officers missing 3 unexcused general meetings or executive meetings may be removed from office and another election will be held to fill the position, as determined by the Ag advisor.
  4. The elected officers shall be:
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Reporter
    6. Advisor(s)
  5. Duties of the officers: 
    1. President:
      1. Serve as the official representative of the club.
      2. Set the agenda.
      3. Preside over the meetings.
      4. Coordinate with other officers to ensure that materials for the concession stand have been purchased.
    2. Vice- President:
      1. Serve as the chairman in the absence of the president.
      2. In charge of all committees.
      3. Calculate and give a report at each meeting about how many points the members have earned.
      4. Keep a complete list of members.
      5. In charge of acquiring volunteers for the concession stands for the club.
      6. Coordinate with other officers to ensure that materials for the concession stand have been purchased.
    3. Secretary:
      1. Prepare and present the minutes at each meeting.
      2. Mail out newsletters before all meetings.
      3. Coordinate with other officers to ensure that materials for the concession stand have been purchased.
    4. Treasurer:
      1. Receive, record, and deposit club’s funds weekly.
      2. Present a monthly treasurer’s report.
      3. Tabulate and complete tax donation forms and mail them to those that have donated by January 31st.
      4. Coordinate with a designated tax professional to file tax forms with the IRS.
      5. Coordinate with other officers to ensure that materials for the concession stand have been purchased.
    5. Reporter:
      1. Release news and information to local and regional news media.
      2. Coordinate and send thank you letters and other correspondence.
      3. Keep the web page up to date at all times.
      4. Post all posters and flyers to advertise our different fund raisers.
      5. Coordinate with other officers to ensure that materials for the concession stand have been purchased.
    6. Advisor(s):
      1. Serve as a representative of the school and club.
      2. Supervise the direction and operation of the club.

Article V     Location of Offices:

  1. The principle office of the organization shall be the Agricultural Sciences Department at Covington High School.

Article VI     Meetings:

  1. Meetings will be held at least 6 times a year. The president will set dates and locations.
  2. A quorum shall be declared when a minimum of three officers are present at any regular or called meeting.

Article VII     Check Signatures:

  1. The treasurer, president, and/or the advisor shall sign all checks.
  2. In the absence of one of the two officers, the other can sign.

Article VIII     Amendments:

  1. These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed by a majority vote and/or approval of the board of directors once a year, at the February meeting.

Article IX     Dues:

  1. Annual membership dues of the organization shall be established by a majority vote of the membership.
  2. The membership dues have been amended to be effective beginning the 1st organizational meeting after the county sale, and ending at that same time the following year. (Amendment made February 2011 to allow members to vote at the officer election meeting).
  3. Points will not accumulate until dues are paid.
  4. The dues for the voting membership are currently set at one dollar per member. An individual who pays their dues must wait until the next meeting in order to be a voting member.

Article X     Concession Stands:

  1. All officers are in charge of running the concession stand. 
  2. An officer will be designated before each game to be in charge of the concession stand for the night.
  3. At the end of each game, the designated officer will take inventory and inform other officers of what is needed for the next game. The inventory sheet will then be given to the person whom is in charge of purchasing items for the next game.
  4. One member, and one officer, must count the money before and after the game, and sign the form at the end of the game.
  5. The Board will set the prices for the concession stand.
  6. For safety reasons, no students will be allowed in the grill or fryer area. 
  7. Officers have the right to deny access to the concession stand area as deemed necessary.
  8. All items must be paid for at the time of purchase. No tabs are allowed.

Article XI    Scholarships:

1.                  Only graduating CISD seniors may apply.

2.                              Applicants must be a current, paid member, of the Covington FFA Booster Club.

3.                              Applicants must have earned their necessary points by the January meeting.

4.      The Booster Club will award a maximum of 2 scholarships per year with amounts dependent on available funds.

5.                              Funds will be split into two installments for use in the students first two consecutive semesters.

6.      All documents required for payment must be turned into the Booster Club President, or its advisor, two weeks prior to the first day of fall classes.

7.      All second installment documents, proof of enrollment, and transcripts must be turned in prior to January 15th for all spring semester classes.

Article XIII County Show:

  1. Funding is available for current and paid members only.
  2. The FFA Booster Club bids on projects entered into the Hill County sale from Livestock and Shop Project competitions.
  3. Members are only eligible for funding on one project per year.  Decisions must be made 2 hours after the final judging, or the Booster Club Officers will make the decision.

The Constitution and Bylaws are the Articles of our club. The constitution and bylaws is the only governing instrument of our organization. We have grouped them together to serve as our governing instrument.