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Point System

The Purpose of the Point System:

The point system was established to enable the Covington FFA Booster Club to raise the excessively large amount of money necessary to support the Covington FFA Program.

Its sole purpose is to insure that the students, parents, guardians, and community help raise the funds that are distributed, as evenly and fairly as possible, to the FFA booster club students.

It is believed that nothing in life is free and the FFA motto says it best:

Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve

Article I

Members of households can earn points as long as one person is a current/paid member of the Covington FFA Booster Club.

Article II

Vice-president will keep records of all points earned.

Article III

Each family must have earned half of the points needed for their family before hard luck is considered, and a form must be completed and given to the Ag advisor.

Article IV

If special circumstances arise, the current Ag advisor will establish a special circumstance list and present it to the FFA Booster Club membership.

Article V

Points will be established by the current officers for each activity as the need arises.

Article VI

Points must be earned by January meeting prior to County Show of each year.

*Point requirements:

  • 1 child - 750 points
  • 2 children - 1000 points
  • 3 children - 1250 points

The following is a list of possible ways to acquire points. The Booster Club officers reserve the right to award points for other contributions to the club that are not listed below. Request for awarded points not listed below will need to be written and signed by the member. The board and Ag advisor will then award the points deemed necessary.

  • Pay Dues – 5 points
  • Attend Meetings - 10 points per meeting
  • Club Officers:
    • President - 100 points
    • Vice-President - 75 points
    • Secretary - 75 points
    • Treasurer - 75 points
    • Reporter - 50 points
  • Serve on a Committee - 30 points
  • Football Concession Stands - 20 points per quarter
  • Supply run for football concession stand- 20 points per hour 
    (Each of the following also constitutes a quarter: set up before game, each quarter, clean-up, half time, and between games.)
  • Auction Donations- Dependent on the $ value of the donation and determined by the officers.
  • Ticket Sales - Points for tickets will be half of the purchase of the ticket. $10=5 points
  • Project show - 20 points per hour
    (Help such as working the ring, weighing animals, etc.)
  • Hoot Shoot- 30 points per hour
  • Project show concession - 20 points an hour
  • Project show - 20 points  (Set up and/or break down)
  • Help with Auction - 20 points an hour
  • Cleaning concession stand - 20 points an hour
    (At the beginning and end of the season)
  • Help with the grooming, clipping, and hauling of other people’s animals for shows - 20 points
  • Food items - 15 points per item
    • 12 cookies
    • 12 brownies
    • 12 cupcakes
    • 1 pie or cake
      (Donated for any types of meals or bake sales)
  • Each hour worked at a ticket/bake sale - 20 points
  • Donations made to the Ag department - Dependent on the $ value of the donation and determined by the officers.
  • Sponsorship for buckles/sponsorship for items for Hoot Shoot - 50 points

Please remember that each family member’s points go towards their family’s point total unless otherwise designated.

Article X Concession Stands has a new amendment.  Number 10 is new stating that 9 quarters must be worked by active members at football games as a requirement for the FFA Booster Club.